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The US Constitution is a Contract

The integrity of the Constitution of the United States—one of several brilliant political ideas established to protect against government tyranny—is gradually becoming weakened due to apathy and ignorance. Although its underlying principles remain relevant since it was written in 1787, its understanding is gradually waning. As a result, individual liberty is gradually being lost; inalienable rights are under constant threat; and the federal government has become the master over the states rather than their servant.


Understanding the Constitution for what it really is, compared to what we believe it is, is essential in restoring economic prosperity, individual freedoms, and state independence. 


A proper interpretation of the U.S. Constitution first requires a proper understanding of its established purpose. In the book, Michael DeLance Thomas provides evidence that the U.S. Constitution is a contract rather than a law, and why this forgotten perspective is essential to restoring our Republic.

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Why Christians Can't Be Democrats

Government is NOT God!


"Why Christians can't be Democrats" explores various principles found throughout God's nature and universe that explains why Christians can't be Democrats. The book focuses on the concept that God's-government and Man's-government are actually opposites of each other. Therefore, when you purposely grow Government, God and the things of God are reduced in society.

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